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William Benson CEO, Nathaniel Anderson, COO, Michael Mota, Chairman Retrofitting Gas-powered Vehicles to EVs

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- William Benson CEO of the New BR Electric, LLC; the First Company addressing a solution to the growing issue of converting gas powered automobiles to fully Electric Vehicles. Creating a better society and a cleaner world is a priority for the three powerhouse entrepreneurs forming BR Electric, LLC.

BR Electric, a state-of-the-art retro-fitting company, utilizing proprietary systems, plans to convert gas powered vehicles to fully Electric Vehicles within a few days.

Nathaniel Anderson new COO BR Electric, former Vice President of Government Affairs/Sales and Business Development Derek Automotive Technologies and Nothing But Green Living Enterprises COO, has a vast background in both the public and private sectors.

Dr. Michael Mota, Chairman of the Board for BR Electric, former Vice President of Marketing at Alex & Ani and Seven Swords Media.

"We live in a new world where people are focused on purchasing EVs to solve climate change issues," said Benson, CEO. "There are more folks in this world that cannot afford gas in their vehicle, never mind buying an electric vehicle. We decided to step into this industry to focus on fixing what is really broken."

A true game-changer in the industry: solving environmental issues with unprecedented swiftness easing the use of fossil fuels. Consumers will save money on gas and maintenance. People will feel good about helping our environment without being forced into buying a new vehicle.

"We have a strategic solution to a very complicated problem working with municipalities and dealerships we will pilot a program to convert 100,000 vehicles; opening a showroom in my home state of Rhode Island," said BR Electric Chairman of the Board Dr. Michael Mota.

Helping the environment, creating jobs and allowing the 'average Joe' to become a part of the solution. In coming months more key technological components will make BR Electric Retro-Fitting an automotive industry interrupter.

"BR Electric will work directly with the Federal Government and around the globe to create incentive programs via grants to create affordable/free consumer conversions. BR Electric will transform the automotive business inviting systematic change within the industry," said Nathaniel Anderson, COO of BR Electric.

For Information email: info@brelectricco.com

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William Benson is an American Businessman whose titles include entrepreneur, investor, businessman, lifestylist and philanthropist.

William Benson is the founder and owner of Benson & Benson: a NY Property Investment Group. The privately held, multi-national Consulting firm & Real Estate Investment Group specializes in developing and actualizing Real Estate investment strategies.

William Benson is the Founder and CEO of “Billionaires Row,” a global luxury brand which designs, develops, and markets luxury goods for the modern trendsetting and affluent customer.

Billionaires Row holds multiple, worldwide trademarks. Billionaires Row specializes in new global marketing strategies with unique branding and revenue generating streams including charitable giving.



As the CEO and Chairman of VirtualCons, Michael Mota is responsible for running all facets of the business. Michael has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of professional marketing experience.

Previously, he served as the Vice President of Sales at Mediapeel and Vice President of Business Development at ALEX AND ANI. Michael has generated profits and grown businesses in ways that have garnered the highest industry accolades. Michael was a major component in taking his company to Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies list.

He is co-owner of Lola’s Lounge and a partner in Skyline at Waterplace, an upscale wedding and event venue in Providence, RI.



Nathaniel Anderson is the CEO and founder of The Anderson Consulting Group, LLC. who specialize in sales and business development consulting by offering professional guidance, advice and business solutions for struggling companies. In this consultatory role, Nathaniel provides clients with guidance on strengthening organizational foundations and structures through identifying and implementing best practices with over 30 years of sales and business development experience and a proven track record of success over the years.

Nathaniel Anderson has previously served as the Vice President of Government Affairs / Vice President of Sales of Business Development for Derek Automotive Technologies for the past two years. During that period, he generated approximately 2.1 million in revenue for the company.

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